BRAVEN combines unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology to produce premium Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor adventurer and modern audiophile. Founded in 2011, BRAVEN’s focus on audio quality, ease of use and superior features has quickly transformed the brand into one of the fastest growing wireless audio brands in the industry.


Music isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an experience. Founded in Provo, Utah, Braven began in 2011 with a small team and has evolved into a renowned premium Bluetooth® high fidelity audio brand with a growing global presence. Since joining the Incipio® family in 2013, we expanded our product offering from portable Bluetooth® speakers to an award-winning lineup of ultra-rugged waterproof audio, App-driven products and Smart battery solutions by utilizing Incipio’s standing as a mobile technology leader in the industry. We cater to all consumer profiles with products ranging from outdoor, rugged, take-anywhere speakers to interactive wireless home audio systems with exceptional style. Our continuous growth and success is a direct result of our drive to deliver revolutionary wireless products to consumers around the globe. In just three years, we have designed and manufactured the world’s most talented speakers with award-winning rugged and premium offerings for today’s mobile consumer.


Rugged Bluetooth speakers designed for the outdoors, portable power solutions made for the elements, and premium in-home Bluetooth audio players.

  • Highly-acclaimed in the waterproof Bluetooth speaker category, the Braven® brand has an impressive roster of awards for its products, including PC Mag Editor’s Choice Award, Digital Trends Editor’s Choice Award, Outside Magazine Top Pick and Best of Overall Product at International Consumer Electronics Show

  • Introducing the very first outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a certified IPX7 rating and built-in charging capabilities, the Braven® brand’s current portfolio includes over twenty Bluetooth products, spanning across the outdoor, indoor and power categories
  • The Braven® brand is dedicated to celebrating and promote the outdoor adventurer through its sponsorships of amateur and professional athletes who find motivation in music to excel in their sport